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Spatial Context is about spatially enabling business intelligence. Adding the where to the who what why and when. This is more than GIS, geo-census, target marketing, trade areas or customer segments. This is about spatial relationships, how people interact with their surroundings and how this information is gathered, summarized, presented and interacted with. Information that improves decision making and tools that help track the impact of that decision.

We build real time tools that spatially analyze your business objectives and track these objects towards your targets.
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At spatial context we take data seriously so you don't have to. Working with you to develop business strategies that can be tracked spatially. Developing tools to track progress toward these targets based on the best technologies that fulfill your needs. Spatial context can design and build web based dashboards that provide insight into the data you regular collect about your organization and customers.


Beat my score! #mergedgame

Beat my score! #mergedgame
Beat my score! #mergedgame

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+Android​ +Google​ +Google Chrome​ just had an idea!! When using calendars…

+Android+Google+Google Chrome​ just had an idea!! When using calendars online to book a flight or hotel it would be great to have said calendar highlight days were one has appointments in their personal calendars.


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Wow so moving.

Wow so moving.

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